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How Kyle Hodgetts developed CAVADEX over 5 years of research.

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Our Research

Treatment for Atherosclerosis

CAVADEXTRIN® is a brand of Cyclodextrin developed by Cholrem that removes cholesterol and plaque from arteries.

Research into cyclodextrin is quickly proving cyclodextrin will emerge as one of the major therapeutical treatments of the 21st century. Scientific studies and research into cyclodextrin are showing that enhanced cholesterol transport within the body has major benefits for treating age-related conditions.

CHOLREM is the world leader in this research

The CAVADEXTRIN® molecule

Developed by Cholrem in 2019, the CAVADEXTRIN® molecule absorbs cholesterol from arterial plaque and transports it safely out through the urinary system.

CAVADEXTRIN® has shown to lower triglycerides by 50% and cholesterol by 40% in just 2 weeks.

CAVADEXTRIN® removes the cholesterol from your arteries.

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Our Study results

First trial of CAVADEXTRIN®
Melbourne, Australia
Angiogram: 4 week result
CAVADEXTRIN® reduces plaque within 4 weeks

CAVADEXTRIN® was administered to our first patient in our Melbourne clinic in April 2019 and within 4 weeks the plaque was reduced.

CAVADEXTRIN® circulates around the cardiovascular system removing built up cholesterol and plaque resulting in significant plaque reduction.

CAVADEXTRIN® is absorbed via intravenous application or as an enema only. If taken orally it is destroyed in the gut and has no effect.

Second CAVADEXTRIN® trial (Phase B)
Queensland, Australia
Overall: 4 week result
CAVADEXTRIN® benefit on Lipids and Liver

12 grams of CAVADEXTRIN® was administered for 17 days over a 30 day period. STUNNING RESULTS! Lipids drop. Liver improves.

Cholesterol from 10.6 (409) down to 5.5 (212)
Triglycerides from 20.0 (1771) down to 6.5 (575)
LDL from 3.7 (143) down to 1.8 (69)

GGT from 102 down to 78
ALT from 65 down to 48
AST from 42 down to 31

Our Technology

Cyclodextrin development
and discovery

Our researchers are dedicated to the further development of CAVADEXTRIN® and other cyclodextrin derivatives to improve cholesterol transport from the vascular system.

Early access
informed consent

Heart Disease is an insidious condition that can have tragic consequences with little or no warning. At Cholrem we believe people should be given the opportunity to gain early access to CAVADEXTRIN® based on the science available.


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Cholrem papers uploaded

Cholrem reduces angina

Trial results published. Stunning results!

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Blood test results in. Stunning results
Cholesterol reduced from 10.6 down to 6.4
Triglycerides reduced from 20.0 to 8.1